This is a very fun and well developed drone for everybody, even first time flyers. We like this drone because of the stability, the easy handling and most of all, the durability. The manufacturers have put a lot of effort balancing this drone, they picked the correct motors and rotor size to have great stability, Plus with a dense foam top and bumpers with wire support its the perfect drone for beginners to advanced.

With all the balancing they put a effective 6-axis gyro onto the drone, that makes this drone fly amazingly stable and accurate. So after a while when you decide to show off a bit, like doing a flip, it's easy, just a switch on the transmitter it will auto flip and hover again, try it, it's gonna impress your friends.

Battery and recharge:
Removable lithium ion battery. Battery is a strong 3.7 volt battery with a 650mah capacity. Drone comes with a 2.0 USB charging cord for easy charging in any USB port.

Tech specs:
Flight time: 10 min
Flight range:

Golden Jet

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