Excellent fast and stable flying 6 propeller drone with LED lights. The PathFinder II is easy to learn and is fun to fly day or night. Amazing FPV made capable by large display monitor and an amazing 5.4G channel making the first person viewing possible, and no need to worry about losing it. With a key return feature weather you can't see it or signal is lost due to distance with a flick of a switch the drone will be returning to you autonomously!

With a powerful 5.4G channel you will have great ease taking the pathfinder up to 500 metres knowing no radio interference will be felt. Also the combination of a 6-axis gyro system makes for a stable and reliable flight like no other.

Battery and Recharge:
The Pathfinder II is powered by a strong 7.4V lithium ion battery with a 1500Mah capacity! The battery is charged using a 110-220V outlet and a battery controller which is included.

Tech Specs:
Flight time: 8-10 min
Flight range: 300-500 metres
Frequency: 2.4G & 5.4G

Pathfinder 2.0

C$699.00 Regular Price
C$300.00Sale Price