Isn't it daunting when you unbox your brand new drone and have never flown before? You're not exactly sure what to do or what everything does. Then, when something doesn't work the way you want it to, it can be very frustrating. Well, lets take away all that fear and frustration with our beginner training session at DR-one. We offer a full hour of one on one training to help you feel more comfortable with your new machine and get you flying safely and like a professional.




This is whats included;


  • We will start out unboxing your new machine (if applicable)

  • We will go through everything that is included in your product box such as the drone it's self, the controllers, the cables, batteries, chargers and any other proucts that you may have purchased one by one

  • We will assist you with the proper way to charge your batteries, for how long, and go through any error codes that you may encounter, then we will show you how to properly install the battery

  • We will go through proper start up procedures

  • Introduce you to the ground station

  • Guide you through any firmware updates and cables associated for that task

  • Lets start flying: we will show you the proper and safe way to fly, where you can fly and where not to fly, we will go through all the functions of your controller and camera functions and how to properly control your machine.

  • Lets bring it home; we will go through the different ways to bring your drone home for a safe and controlled landing.

  • Debrief - We will go through any further training to complete the session and any questions that you may have.


We have trainers in Grande Prairie and Calgary our sessions will be 1 hour at $120.00.


If your outside of those area's we will be happy to accommodate but there may be an additional charge for the travel.


You could also contact us for any questions and we can put the answers on our blog



Please contact us if you wish to learn how to fly your machine.